Joshua C Pettiti

  1. / The House I Remember...
  2. / Do You Really Know Yourself?
  3. / Archipelago Tradelines
  4. / Forget Humans’ Pick Up Lines!
  5. / Moonaroo


About me

I am a designer interested in coding, Math and Science and how these topics can interact to make us reflect on the world. My projects often involve the connection with the ways minds and Philosophy, bending the rules around what is actually real and what something could one day become.

Currently coding in Java, HTML/JS (multiple libraries), Processing and Python. I often mix techniques in my projects, like woodwork/lasercut, 3D printing, video editing and Arduino.

Feel free to contact me to see more of my works or ask questions.

/ Do You Know Yourself?

This philosophical questionnaire makes people reflect on their beliefs while also providing a starting point to discuss with other users about life goals, the ego and our viewpoint towards society.

Coded using Processing, “Do You Know Yourself?” is the result of an extensive research about Philosophy, Oroscopes and human beliefs. The more the user thinks about the answers and proceeds in the questionnaire, the more they will be able to recognize themselves on the screen.

This work has been exibited at the Rozet library in Arnhem, where people could engage with other in-person users in philosophical talks.

/ Forget Humans’ Pick Up Lines!

AI has progressively paved its way into any aspect of our lives, but there are some things that still remain inheritantly human.

In this project I forced the boundaries of what an AI could do by training a model and collecting generated pick-up lines in a pocket-size box.  In this way, you will always know how to start a conversation at the pub! Will this really help you though?

The cards are prints of the digital Windows pop-up template coded for the array of pick-up lines. The sentences have been created using a (now-deprecated) text model of RunwayML trained on a database of pick-up lines.

/ The House I Remember...

“The House I remember...” is probably my most personal work yet. For it, I had to open up my mind to the viewer, in an installation that helped me to relate with my memories, while also showing them to anyone who view the work.

The work features flashcards with edited photos of my past and the memories I have with them, categorized by the different floors of my Italian house and its different changes over the years.

The floors of my house have been built in Minecraft, adapted with Blender and 3D printed.

/ Archipelago Tradelines

“Archipelago Tradelines” is an online project aimed to artists in a creative block or people just looking for a fun drawing tool.

The simple game helps people creating new patters and shapes by giving the user the goal to connect eight small villages in an archipelago.
This project helped me seeing again the fun aspect of drawing without putting any thoughts into it, re-egniting the sparkle of creativity.

This tool uses a mix of JavaScript and its P5.js library and it’s available for use ︎︎︎here.

/ Moonaroo

The “Moonaroo” project is a travel through human’s interaction with numbers, the Sun, the Moon and time.

This calendar reinvents the idea of days and months according to the Moon instead of the sun, like we used to do before the Roman Empire’s fall.
How would numbers change in shape if they had to follow the waning and waxing of Earth’s only natural satellite? How will our life change following this new day system?

Reflective paint is applied on the blocks to create an effect ressembling Moon’s reflective surface when exposed to the Sun. The carved shapes (or “craters”) create the new number system starting from our current number shapes in the Arabic numerical system.